Ashlea's clinical abilities cover weight management, clinical nutrition, dietary planning, sports nutrition, psychological/neurological nutrition, preconception, conception, female specific health, male specific health, children's health, nutritional biochemistry, and much more.


Ashlea APPROACHES all disease states in a HOLISTIC manner ensuring not only your physical body is assessed, but all of your life's many dimensions are considered when creating an individualized treatment plan.


Not only is nutrient adequacy and deficiency assessed, but,  vitality of food consumed, dietary choices, and LIFESTYLE, are all closely integrated into her approach, ensuring you, as a client, have the best chance at SUCCESSFULLY ACHIEVING YOUR OPTIMAL HEALTH.  Both TRADITIONAL nutritional methods, and current, EVIDENCE BASED methods are practiced readily.

Value is given to ensuring her clients comprehend their treatment plan to a level in which they are satisfied. This can involve EDUCATING CLIENTS on supplemental cellular interaction, and chemical pathways involved, when and if the client desires this depth of knowledge.

Ashlea places high ethical IMPORTANCE on each patients transitioning into SELF CARE, teaching them to clearly understand their weaknesses and strengths, allowing them to recognize if they need to return to professional care.


Psychological, and biological concepts are well within the scope of care taken, with the need for referrals to external practitioners utilized as needed.

Ashlea's approach is REALISTIC and her main philosophy is 'BALANCE', recognizing that this can often be the most difficult of things to achieve.

Ashlea Dyson

Clinical Nutritionist

Bachelor of Health science Nutritional Medicine