Healing and growth is priority.

Alighted was created by nutritionist Ashlea Dyson. Alighted is based in Geelong and prioritizes, not only achieving clienteles optimal health, but also opening the doors to health education on a personal level. Nutritional Medicine is the main modality Alighted offers, focusing on its abilities to heal, preserve and prevent ailments and disease states. Clients should leave excited about their own health, and embrace personal growth in all aspects of life.


Alighted Blog creates an online alternative practitioner presence, providing free accessible health education, guided by a variety of professional health practitioners. The blog will cover and clarify current trending diets, explain the hype around 'superfoods', supply nutritional recipes, educate on specific biochemical occurrences, address mental challenges and illness, specific nutritional supplements, disease states, lifestyle modifications and much more. The blog will ensure a holistic approach is taken through allowing a number of different modality authors to publish blog posts.

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